10 Signs You Should Buy Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters have undergone a massive resurgence in popularity, and for good reason. Robust, stylish and highly effective in terms of both insulation and light control, they offer everything you could possibly want from a window covering. If you’re trying to decide whether or not to buy plantation shutters for your home, this post will help you make the right choice.

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You should probably buy plantation shutters if…

  1. …You’re wearing thermals. Indoors. According to research by Glasgow Caledonian University’s Centre for Research on Indoor Climate and Health, wooden plantation shutters are almost as effective as double glazing. Even uninsulated, they can reduce heat loss by up to 51 percent.
  1. …You’re sick of sky-high heating bills. By keeping the warmth in and the cold air out, plantation shutters can enable you to significantly reduce your heating costs without any compromise on comfort.
  1. …You care about the environment. Not only do plantation shutters minimise energy wastage through reducing reliance on heating systems; they can often last for more than 20 years without succumbing to wear and tear, so you won’t need to keep replacing them.
  1. …You dream of living in the Med. (Don’t we all?) Whether you’re an urban dweller or a country bumpkin, external plantation shutters can help you give your home a flavour of the Med without going too over the top. Think decorative solid shutters for a Moorish look, or rough-finished louvered shutters for French-inspired shabby chic.
  1. …You live in a period property but can’t stand the rigmarole of pelmets, swags and cornices. Plantation shutters offer an effective solution for older buildings without the fuss and excess of drapery.
  1. …You have better things to spend your time on than cleaning curtains. Plantation shutters are easy to clean: simply dust once in a while to prevent a build-up of dirt, and use a damp cloth to spot-clean any areas in need of particular attention.
  1. …You don’t want strangers peering in on your private life. Like my previous point, this one’s probably a given. Louvered plantation shutters enable you to control lighting levels whilst maintaining a good level of privacy, and can also deter intruders.
  1. …You have noisy neighbours. Whether you have students next door, live near a busy road or are regularly disturbed by cat fights in the garden, plantation shutters offer some relief from the hustle and bustle of urban living.
  1. …Your home has oddly-shaped windows. While there’s a limit to what can be achieved with custom windows and blinds, plantation shutters can be made to fit virtually any window, no matter how unusual in shape.
  1. …You have impeccable taste. No further explanation needed!

If you’ve decided to take the plunge and buy plantation shutters for your home, Shutter Design can help. We supply bespoke, made-to-measure shutters in an extensive range of colours and styles to suit traditional and modern homes alike.

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