10 Ways to Warm Up This Winter

Tis the season to be jolly and frozen, for what seems like an eternity. Winter is a fantastic time of year, it brings the family together and you can eat until your hearts content. But there is always that one thing that makes us grouchy, the weather. Unfortunately we cannot change the weather for you (but if we could, we definitely would) instead we have created 10 sure fire ways to keep you nice and toasty when it starts to get frosty.

Top Tips on How to Warm Up This Winter

1. Make a Roaring Fire

Yes, this may seem like an obvious solution but very few of us actually remember to do it! Make it top of your list this Christmas, trust us, you won’t regret it.  Cut up some logs and throw them on the fire, not only will you be super toasty but log burning fires create such a welcoming, homely atmosphere, they really are a must-have for winter.log-burning-fire

2. Close Those Shutters

Do you often leave the shutters open to let the few hours of light in but forget to shut them of a night time? When closed, shutters are fantastic draft excluders and double up as insulators. Shutters are just as effective as double glazed windows so remember when it starts to get dark, close the shutters. Not only will your home be fully insulated but you won’t need to put the heating on so you will actually be saving yourself money, at Christmas, who would’ve thought it!bedroom-shutters

3. Head For The Kitchen

Winter is known as the season for eating otherwise why would they have invented chocolate advent calendars? So dust off those cook books and get baking. Whether you want to make a juicy hot pot or some Christmas cookies, cooking is a great way to heat up the whole house and make it smell delicious at the same time. Get the whole family involved and make it into a fun competition! Then sit back, relax and eat your creations, don’t worry about washing up, there’s a Christmas fairy for that, right?cooking-utensils

4. Invite Your Friends Around

Call up the girls and guys and make this a season of celebration because it’s always 5’o’clock somewhere. Inviting people around not only makes an otherwise boring night interesting but will increase your room temperature dramatically so the more the merrier! When it gets darker earlier it can be hard to find the energy to leave the house and socialise so bringing everybody to you makes it super easy and will keep you in the loop with all the latest gossip.cheers-drinks

5. Wrap Yourself Up

It can be hard wrapping up for winter, especially if you are more of a summer person, but layer up at home as well as on the move. The ultimate winter essential has got to be a throw or a onesie. There is nothing better than wrapping up like a caterpillar and watching the TV. The best part is, no-one can see you when you’re at home, so you can look as ridiculous as you want so put that animal onesie on and warm up.dog-in-throw

6. Get Physical

We are not saying that you need to run a marathon but by doing a little bit of exercise, your heart will beat quicker and your body temperature will rise. You don’t even need to leave the house to break a sweat, just a little cleaning will instantly warm you up. Have you been avoiding cleaning the bathroom? Now’s the time to make it shine. Your house will end up smelling of roses and you’ll be warmed through so put those marigolds on, turn up the music and have a little sing-song whilst you clean.cleaning-marigolds

7. Cuddle Loved Ones

The cold weather is a perfect excuse to snuggle up to your nearest and dearest. Sharing body heat will instantly warm you up. Note that if you have a cuddle buddy, it is best to ditch the blankets as skin on skin contact is best for heating up! So put your feet up and watch a Christmas film together with some snacks.monkeys-hugging

8. Cover Your Floors

Wooden floors are easy to clean, aesthetically pleasing and lovely to lie on when it’s warm outside. In winter though, it is a completely different story, tip toeing to avoid touching the cold surface and remembering the days you had that questionably patterned carpet. The solution is to cover those floors, no needs to redecorate the entire house though but invest in some nice woolly rugs. Not only will rugs make your floors a lot easier to walk on but they also make rooms look bigger.woolly-rug-in-living-room

9. Shower With The Door Open

Before you do this, make sure your house is either empty or people are pre-warned as you don’t want any awkward moments. Taking a bath or shower steams up your bathroom but why should you let that warm heat stay there. By leaving your door open, the humid air will spread across you home, heating up every room instead of just the one.shower-head

10. Put The Kettle On

Ditch those iced lattes and put the kettle on to keep warm. Hot drinks will keep your body, house and tummy warm so there’s three reasons to make a cuppa. In winter, we all start to feel a little sluggish as days are getting shorter and we are getting colder. A hot drink will not only warm you up, but will wake you up as well. Whether you are a tea, coffee or hot chocolate lover, the quickest way to warm up this winter is to put the kettle on.hot-chocolate

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