What Are The Advantages Of Plantation Shutters

Summer is approaching, and this often a time to think about some home improvements, while the children are off school. Home decor and interior design involve a lot of thought, as you have to live with the end results of your work, and will be investing time and money into the process.

One area that doesn’t always get the same amount of attention as things such as walls or floors is that of window coverings. Window coverings help to add a personalised homely feel to a room and there are a wide variety that are available. Plantation shutters are one variety of this, that add a different dynamic to a room and can be tailored to suit your personality.

Some of the main advantages of investing in plantation shutters

Folding Louvre Door Shutters
Folding Louvre Door Shutters


  • Plantation shutters are very environmentally friendly. By being good at keeping heat in and cold out in winter, and encouraging good ventilation in summer, the need for using air conditioning and heating as much is reduced.
  • Following on from this, as well as benefiting the environment, this also helps with reducing of energy bills, as the insulating properties of plantation shutters in winter mean less heating is required, which is always a bonus!
  • In terms of hygiene and cleanliness, plantation shutters are a great idea, as they are easily cleaned (just wipe over with a damp cloth) and also unlike blinds and curtains, plantation shutters don’t provide a place for dust mites and other parasites to breed.
  • One of the key points about plantation shutters, is that they are very customisable to the needs of your home. They are made to measure so they fit your windows perfectly and as such no type of window is inappropriate for them; this works well in older buildings, as the windows are not always perfectly shaped so custom fittings work better.
  • As well as this, plantation shutters are very easy to customise, so while they tend to come in a basic range of colours they can be painted easily to suit the colour scheme of the room they will be occupying.
  • There is also an additional level of safety and security when it comes to plantation shutters, as they create the illusion of a solid barrier, which would deter potential thieves from trying their hand at entering the property.
  • Not only can plantation shutters help with light levels, they can also help deal with keeping out sounds. This is due them being a solid structure, as opposed to blinds or curtains which are just fabric. This feature is helpful if you’re near a busy road or have a noisy neighbourhood.
  • If you’re fairly competent with DIY, the you can easily install plantation shutters, however it can often be recommended to get professionals to do this for you, both to achieve a better look and for additional peace of mind.


Overall, plantation can make a great addition to any property, as they combine attractive looks with being a genuinely practical option. By having the ability to be easily customised, plantation shutters would be a great addition for anyone looking to add some extra character to their home.

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