How Bay Window Shutters can Transform your House

A flattering addition to modern and period homes alike, bay windows are a popular feature throughout the UK. Found in all shapes and sizes, bay windows pose lots of unique considerations, such as what is the best window treatment to use?  Practical, beautiful, flexible and made to measure bay window shutters are the perfect treatment choice.

Why bay window shutters are a good choice

  1. Show off the bay windows’ flattering construction

Bay windows tend to be the dominant feature in a room due to their size and shape. To optimise this focal point to its greatest potential, it is important to choose a window treatment which will not overshadow or mask their attractiveness. By choosing fitted bay window shutters as an alternative to other window treatments, you are not only capitalising on the extra space provided by bay windows, but you are also highlighting their unique shape and beautiful aesthetic.

  1. Reduces heat loss through extended panes of glass

Bay windows are often the largest windows of the home, letting in the most light and losing the most heat. As a general rule of thumb, the larger the pane of glass, the greater the heat loss. One of the five ways to keep your home warm, shutters will effectively combat this problem, improving insulation in the home by up to 50% and saving you money on your energy bills.

  1. Versatile

Unlike curtains which usually have to be fully open or drawn shut, shutters are extremely versatile, allowing you to accurately control your environment by opening and closing their slats to various degrees.

  1. Perfect fit

No two bay windows are the same. It is, therefore, vital that you choose a made-to-measure window treatment which will fit snuggly into the area, making the most of this stunning architectural feature.

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