Benefits of Choosing Plantation Shutters for Your Home


Solid Wood Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are also commonly referred to as louvered shutters or colonial shutters, and were originally used to protect homes against the natural elements. These shutters are now used to add a stylish appearance to homes, giving us a stylish option when it comes to window coverings instead of using the usual curtains or blinds.

These shutters however also offer a range of other benefits too;

Low Maintenance

Plantation shutters are extremely easy to care for and because they do not harbour dust, they are a better option for allergy sufferers. The shutters do not require professional cleaning and can simply be dusted and wiped with a damp cloth to keep them looking in good condition. This also means that they are a more durable option of window dressing and therefore longer lasting too.

Ventilation, Privacy and Secure

The open blade design of the shutters make air circulation easy and will offer good ventilation to any and all rooms in your home. In the same way they can help with insulation in the winter when closed, making them the perfect choice for all year round. The shutters also offer an element of security and can be closed slightly for extra privacy.

Light Control and Reduced Noise Level

Not only can the shutters control the amount of light you let into a room, but they can also work as a noise barrier between the inside of your home and the outside world. This makes them an ideal choice to use in bedrooms, specifically children’s.


These shutters are good value for money and can often be a cheaper option too when compared to other window dressing options available. Additionally, because of their durable nature, you will not need to worry about extra maintenance or replacement costs.

Dark Wood Plantation Shutters

Another advantage of having these shutters installed in your home is that they take up less space than bulky curtains or blinds and will make your rooms look larger and more spacious. Their timeless appearance will also add a stylish, clean finish that will compliment any room.

For superior quality, hand crafted plantation shutters visit the Shutter Design website. The experts at Shutter Design will design, supply and fit your shutters which are available in a wide range of colours and finishes. To arrange a free consultation or to find out more information contact them today.

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