Do Internal Window Shutters Make A Room Look Bigger?

When decorating a room, people generally want to make their room look as big and spacious as possible. Luckily, internal window shutters are a great way of make your room look bigger and brighter, here’s how:

Visual Simplicityinternal-window-shutters

One way of making a room look bigger is by getting rid of anything that appears to clutter the room. Visual simplicity can trick the eye into thinking any given space is bigger. This is because there is a larger amount of wall and floor space on show.

Internal Window shutters are fitted into the window recess space so that they sit flush with the window. This leaves a clean and blank space surrounding the window, unlike curtains that would sit around it and claim the wall space on either side.

Visual simplicity can further be implemented by getting plantation shutters that match your wall colour. A popular choice for making a room appear larger is to have white or cream walls paired with white plantation shutters. This creates a seamless and classic look for you room and provides you with the perfect canvas for all your furnishings and accessories without creating a busy, cluttered room.

Light Reflection

Light reflection is a known way to make your room appear larger. The best way to achieve light reflection from your shutters is to choose large louvres to allow the most amount of light to enter your room. Particularly if you choose to go for white shutters, the light will bounce off the louvres and allow the light to flood the room more effectively. An extra trick for achieving this effect is to place a mirror on the wall facing the window; this will allow the light entering the room through the louvres to further reflect in all directions around the room.

Simple and Sleekwindow-shutters

Traditional, heavy curtain fabric can appear to take up a lot of space in a room as they demand the wall area, not only on either side of the window, but above it and on the floor, too. As mentioned, shutters are fitted perfectly into the recess of your window so that they do not intrude on the rest of your room, leaving space for furniture without the hassle of attempting to close the curtains behind, or simply leave it clear and enjoy the svelte, clean look that shutters allow.

Internal Window shutters are an extremely neat, bright and modern way of achieving stunning effects in your rooms without the need for having a complete redesign and redecoration. Discover a wide range of inspiring ideas with Shutter Design, who will design, supply and fit your shutters for you. To arrange a free consultation or to discuss your ideas, feel free to contact us.

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