How Plantation Shutters Can Complement the Interior of a Room

Plantation shutters are not only beautiful on the exterior of a home, but they are also great as interior window dressings. Interior shutters have a number of practical uses and, if chosen properly, can complement the décor of a room and become aesthetically pleasing features.

The main practicalities of louvered shutters are that they allow you to control the amount of air and light that you let into your room by moving the louvres, aPlantation Shutterslso known as slats. When fully closed, they give you the flexibility to create a black-out effect which, in turn, keeps the room cool. This is also considered to be beneficial as they act as good security for windows when closed in the evenings. If you would prefer to choose solid shutters, they can be opened fully to allow maximum air and light to brighten the room, or closed for the same black-out effect.

Dependent on the colour and style of the shutters you choose, you can create all manner of styles that will complement your room, whether you are after a rustic and traditional feel, or a minimalist and modern effect.

It is important to consider the décor of your room before you choose the style and colour of your new shutters. This is especially important if you have a lot of wooden furniture in your room as, unless matched or complemented, the shutters could make the room look too busy and overpowering.

Pale coloured plantation shutters are great for creating a modern and bright effect in a room. The benefit of pale shutters, also, is that they allow the flexibility if you do choose to change the décor of your room at some point in the future.

Alternatively, dark or natuLouvered Shuttersral wood shutters, particularly the solid ones, create an extremely cosy and ‘homely’ feel as they can add a significant amount of warmth to a room. Solid wooden shutters also provide a rustic and traditional feel to a room. However, there is not the added practicality of being able to filter light, as you would with louvered shutters.


At Shutter Design, there is a wide range of different shapes, styles and colours to ensure that your shutters fully complement, and even enhance, the style of your room.  Take a look at our vast range today and contact us to discuss your particular style requirements.

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