How to Keep Your House Cool Without AC

With summer finally here and the mercury expected to hit 34 degrees in some parts of the UK this week, many of us are looking forward to shedding the winter woollies and spending more time outdoors. An altogether less appealing prospect is the sweltering nights spent tossing and turning in bed, topped off with a rude awakening at 4.30am when we come to our senses drenched in sweat.


While many buildings in the warmer parts of the world are fitted with air conditioning, in the cooler climes of the UK, we simply aren’t geared up to deal with such high temperatures. And even if you do have AC, you may be missing a trick because there are a number of ways to keep your house cool that are both cheaper and less harmful to the environment.

If you would like to know how to keep your house cool without AC, read on for ten time-honoured tips that will make the days more comfortable and help you sleep better at night.

8 Ways to Keep Your Home Cool Without Air Conditioning

  1. Keep the windows open at night, when the air outside is cooler than it is inside. Funnily enough, opening them during the day can actually make your home warmer. Remember to shut ground floor windows before you go to bed and if you wake up in the night, close the ones upstairs before the sun comes up so you don’t get fried in the morning.
  1. Only switch the lights on when you really need them. Modern incandescent light bulbs, such as LEDs and CFLs, give off a surprising amount of heat so keep their use to a minimum during the summer months to keep your home cool. The same goes for many electrical items, which should be switched off at the wall rather than being left on standby mode.
  1. BBQ
    Keep your kitchen cool by eating cold food or cooking on the BBQ

    Switch hot meals for cold ones. Eating food cold rather than heating it up in the oven will help keep you and your kitchen cool, and it’s a great excuse not to bother cooking. If you’re craving a hot meal or need to cook off meat or fish, use the grill or have a BBQ instead.

  1. Use plants to absorb some of the light. Place pot plants on the window sills and plant deciduous trees to the east and west of the house to provide shade in summer and admit light and warmth in winter.
  1. Place a bowl of ice in front of your fan. The breeze will pick up cool water from the surface of the ice to create a delightfully pleasant cooling mist. Alternatively, hang a wet sheet in front of the window for a similar effect that cools the whole room.
  1. Place awnings above French doors and large windows. These can be bought fairly cheaply on the domestic market and retractable styles are available if you want to vary the amount of light you let into the house.
  1. Louvered plantation shutters
    Louvered plantation shutters are ideal for keeping your house cool over the summer months

    Invest in better loft insulation. This may be expensive in the short term but it’ll prevent cool air from escaping through the ceiling and keep your home warmer during the winter, making it a worthwhile investment in the long term.

  1. Replace your window coverings with louvered plantation shutters. Louvre shutters enable you to control the light levels being admitted into the home whilst simultaneously improving ventilation. They’ll also help keep the building warm in winter, so are ideal for regulating the temperature of your home all year round.

Make sure your fridge is well stocked with cold drinks and fill up the freezer with ice lollies, et voila! Cool as a cucumber, all summer long.

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