Why You Should Invest In Bathroom Window Shutters

With so many unique factors to consider, finding the right window treatment for your bathroom can prove problematic. To help you on your way to making that all important decision, we have put together a blog post highlighting why window shutters are the bathroom window treatment of choice for many.

Hardwearing and Easy to Clean

Moisture and steam are part and parcel of a working bathroom. Some window treatments are better able to cope with these conditions than others. On the one hand, damp and humid conditions wreak havoc on curtains and blinds, causing a build-up of mould and mildew and ultimately ruining the fabric. On the other hand, bathroom window shutters are specifically designed to manage harsh environments such as wet rooms, bathrooms and kitchens. In addition to their hardwearing properties, shutters are easy to clean and effortlessly opened to allow for ventilation, helping to keep your bathroom happy and healthy.

At Shutter Design, we create bathroom shutters that will last. Composed using a new closed-cell shutter technology, shutters by Shutter Design ensure superior strength and stiffness which won’t warp, dent or chip.

For a step-by-step guide to cleaning shutters, check out: http://www.howtocleanstuff.net/how-to-clean-shutters/


Bathroom windows come in many shapes and sizes. Although this can add a charming aesthetic to the home, it can make finding a window treatment for special shaped windows particularly challenging. To overcome this issue, window shutters can be made-to-measure, expertly designed to fit any window shape.

As well as impeccable fit, wooden window shutters offer colour and depth, softening the look of otherwise harsh ceramic finishes.


Do window shutters provide a complete blackout? Although no window treatment can 100% prevent light from entering a room, shutters are known to be one of the better window dressings for controlling light. With an easy-to-use tilt rod mechanism, shutters are a great choice for bathrooms, providing you with the greatest scope of light filtration and allowing you to create the best bath-time atmosphere.


At the top of everyone’s must-have bathroom window covering list is privacy. Bathroom shutters offer a great amount of privacy due to their thick manufacture, snug fit and flexibility of movement.

If you are considering purchasing window shutters for your bathroom, contact us today for a no-obligation visit and consultation.

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