Will Plantation Shutters Make My Room Dark?

Plantation shutters, also known as colonial blinds, can be described as either folding window shutters or fixed wooden louvered shutters, providing the ability to filter the light that comes into your room. Continue reading Will Plantation Shutters Make My Room Dark?

The Stylish Appeal of Conservatory Shutters

In recent years, many have opted to renovate and improve their current homes instead of trying to sell and buy new ones. For this reason conservatories have become increasingly popular, as have conservatory shutters which will no doubt add an element of style to complete the look. Continue reading The Stylish Appeal of Conservatory Shutters

The 4 Main Functions of Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters will breathe new life into any room with the wide range of benefits that they offer. They’ve been the preferred choice of window covering for centuries and will add a stylish appearance to the inside and outside of any home. Continue reading The 4 Main Functions of Plantation Shutters

Benefits of Choosing Plantation Shutters for Your Conservatory

Conservatory Shutters

Choosing plantation shutters for your conservatory is not only a more stylish option, but will also help add a sense of security and control like no other type of window covering can. And although they are often considered to be the more traditional choice, they are quickly making a trendy comeback.

In fact, conservatory shutters have become one of the most popular choices of window dressings as a result of the wide range of benefits that they offer;

– Unlike other fabric based options such as curtains and blinds, shutters will not sag or fade.

– Shutters are quicker and easier to clean and will keep their appearance for a longer period of time with little maintenance.

-Shutters don’t harbour dust the same way that curtains do and are therefore a better option for those who suffer from any dust related allergies.

-Shutters can be made to fit all window shapes including the most awkward ones as they are specially made to fit.

-Shutters make a room look more spacious and tidy and can even be mounted on tracking to be tidily slid away when not in use.

– Shutters come in a wide selection of colours and styles to suit both your individual taste and interior decor.

– As well providing the perfect window covering, plantation shutters can be used to create a partitioning in your conservatory as well as a more modern version of internal multi-folding doors.

– Shutters offer the perfect combination of light, ventilation and privacy, giving you complete control over how open or closed you would like them to appear to the outside world.

– Good quality shutters can add value to a home by making it look more visually appealing to potential buyers.

– In the same way that shutters add an additional layer of glazing to your conservatory when it’s cold, they can keep it cool when it’s warm.

– Shutters are easy to operate and are also available in a contemporary electronic option which will allows you to control them via the use of a remote control.

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5 Reasons to Choose Conservatory Shutters for Your Home

Conservatory Shutters  were originally designed to help protect homes against the natural elements. Now however they are used to help enhance the overall look and feel of homes and our windows. If you are looking for the best window dressing solution for your conservatory, here are a few reasons why shutters are the best choice; Continue reading 5 Reasons to Choose Conservatory Shutters for Your Home

Benefits of Choosing Plantation Shutters for Your Home


Solid Wood Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are also commonly referred to as louvered shutters or colonial shutters, and were originally used to protect homes against the natural elements. These shutters are now used to add a stylish appearance to homes, giving us a stylish option when it comes to window coverings instead of using the usual curtains or blinds.

These shutters however also offer a range of other benefits too;

Low Maintenance

Plantation shutters are extremely easy to care for and because they do not harbour dust, they are a better option for allergy sufferers. The shutters do not require professional cleaning and can simply be dusted and wiped with a damp cloth to keep them looking in good condition. This also means that they are a more durable option of window dressing and therefore longer lasting too.

Ventilation, Privacy and Secure

The open blade design of the shutters make air circulation easy and will offer good ventilation to any and all rooms in your home. In the same way they can help with insulation in the winter when closed, making them the perfect choice for all year round. The shutters also offer an element of security and can be closed slightly for extra privacy.

Light Control and Reduced Noise Level

Not only can the shutters control the amount of light you let into a room, but they can also work as a noise barrier between the inside of your home and the outside world. This makes them an ideal choice to use in bedrooms, specifically children’s.


These shutters are good value for money and can often be a cheaper option too when compared to other window dressing options available. Additionally, because of their durable nature, you will not need to worry about extra maintenance or replacement costs.

Dark Wood Plantation Shutters

Another advantage of having these shutters installed in your home is that they take up less space than bulky curtains or blinds and will make your rooms look larger and more spacious. Their timeless appearance will also add a stylish, clean finish that will compliment any room.

For superior quality, hand crafted plantation shutters visit the Shutter Design website. The experts at Shutter Design will design, supply and fit your shutters which are available in a wide range of colours and finishes. To arrange a free consultation or to find out more information contact them today.

Install Solid Window Shutters in Your Bedroom for a Pleasant Sleep

Solid window shutters have become much sought after these days, particularly in the UK. This is most likely due to the fact that their stylish appearance can add an element of elegance to the inside and outside of any home.

Solid shutters were originally fitted to the interiors of large houses during the Victorian era, a style that is still extremely popular in this day and age. In fact, many people seek out houses from this area specifically with the view to restore them and their original features. More modern homes also often feature slight hints of traditional features; making solid window shutters a popular choice for both new builds and period properties alike.

Here are some of the key benefits to choosing solid shutters for windows for your home:

  • Solid shutters provide added security to the home and have also been known to put off potential intruders as they cannot see inside.
  •  The unique design allows for the ultimate control of light filtration and will even create almost complete darkness when closed making them ideal for bedroom use.
  • Solid shutters help to reduce noise pollution in the home and can help reduce the noise of passing traffic or noisy neighbours.
  • The authentic appearance of these shutters can add an element of tradition to a home making them the ideal choice for restoration projects.
  • Because the shutters are fitted in a similar way to louvre shutters they are often used for folding or concertina tracked partitions and make equally good, light folding doors.

The shutters are available in two options; solid raised and solid base/louvre top. The solid raised version consists of thick panels and stiles which are ideal for light filtration and ensuring a goodnight’s sleep. The solid base option however is more suitable for sliding partitions and French windows.

Bedroom Shutters

Shutter Design is a family run Yorkshire business offering a complete shutter service from the supplying to the installation of shutters. They have a high quality range of solid window shutters available in a unique selection of stylish designs and colours. For more information on their shutters and services, visit their website.

Sit Back and Relax with Electric Shutters

With technology these days, very little is left to the imagination. But could you imagine a world where you could turn day into night at the touch of a button? Well, dream no more because electric shutters have recently become additions to many homes throughout the UK, and with their convenient and stylish nature, it’s easy to see why.

With our surroundings becoming more and more modernised every day, never again will you have to lift more than a finger to open or close your shutters. With the latest offerings in the world of windows, you can now simply sit back and relax while your shutters gradually close at the touch of a remote control.

In addition, electric window shutters offer many security benefits thanks to their strong and durable design which will also give you complete privacy. Their unique construction allows for silent operation which means they can be used during both day and night without causing any noise disturbances. The silent Perfect Tilt system is generated by a 9 volt battery powered motor in each single louvre together with the light receptor on the front side of the pane. The other louvre’s are driven by the tilt rod and each battery powered motor is operated to a maximum louvre height of 1 800mm.

Shutters For Your Home

These shutters can be used on all the windows in your home including conservatories. They can even be incorporated into special shaped shutters such as triangular apex windows. Furthermore, they will allow you to let in as much light into your room as you would like, with the option to control each shutter panel controlled individually as well as simultaneously.

Shutter Design is a family run Yorkshire business specialising in the complete service of shutters from supplying to installation. They have a high quality range of electric shutters available in a wide selection of stylish designs to provide you and your home with the ultimate comfort and luxury of remote controlled shutters. For more information on their shutters and services, visit their website.

Enjoy the Traditional Elegance of Louvre Shutters at Home

Folding Louvre Door Shutters

Everyone wants to create a home that is beautiful to look at and comfortable to live in. This is one of the main reasons why over recent years traditional louvre shutters have become a popular design feature in modern homes by lending an historical luxuriousness to any room design.

Their functionality and flair also make them the ideal choice for renovation projects and can even help add to the resale value of a house. However, although there’s no doubt that louvered shutters are elegant to look at, what many people don’t know is that they also offer a variety of other benefits to homes around the world, both inside and out.

Here are some of the other unique advantages of opting for internal louvre shutters in your home;

  • They can help with insulation by keeping the heat in when it’s cold outside.
  • The exceptional design of louvre shutters give home owners control of how much light they let into their homes.
  • These types of shutters can also lend a hand when it comes to keeping outside noise to a minimum inside the house.
  • Wooden louvre shutters are more environmentally friendly than their synthetic material counterparts as they are made from natural products.
  • Because louvre shutters are available in so many various colours they can easily be used to enhance the appearance of any room design.

Like the internal version, external louvre shutters are the smarter option when it comes to the exterior of a house. Besides just adding a vintage feel, outdoor wooden louvre shutters have a reliable reputation for being long lasting and naturally durable against elements such as sun, wind and rain. Western red Cedar and Siberian Larch are two of the most popular choices of wood to be used for external shutters as they are extremely resistant to decay and require very little maintenance.

Shutter Design
is a family owned business with a combined 20 years experience in the design, cabinet making and window covering industry. The company is well-known throughout Yorkshire for their high quality range of louvre shutters which they can make to fit and professionally install. For all your internal and external shutter solutions, visit their website today to view their selection of UK louvre shutters.

The Increasing Demand of Wooden Window Shutters in the Interior Design Industry

Wooden window shutters will always be in fashion when it comes to decorating a home, both inside and out. There is a wide selection of wooden window shutterfinishes to choose from to ensure the design not only matches, but compliments the other rooms in your house.

Traditional Wooden Shutters

Plantation shutters are one of the most popular designs and work well with almost all room designs. If you’re going for a more vintage look with traditional wooden window shutters, you can mix the various trims and colours to create your desired effect. Made from Western Red Cedar, the Vancouver Plantation Shutter’s oiled finish is an obvious choice in this instance, with its natural and durable finish. This specific wood can also be used for exterior wooden window shutters thanks to its damp resistant nature. Traditional round, sun burst style shutters also help achieve an antique feel.

Another important factor to keep in mind when decorating your home is money saving. Wooden window shutters in the UK can shave pounds off your heating bill as they help with insulation by keeping the heat in.

Interior wooden window shutters are an extremely functional option as they attract less dust, are easier to clean and are child friendly. Furthermore, they are often a cheaper option when it comes to window coverings when compared to other curtains and blinds on the market. In addition, wooden shutters offer more privacy to homeowners as well as give you easy control over how much light you let into a room. They can also help keep outside noise to a minimum.

If you’ve just bought a house as an investment with the aim of decorating and then reselling it, wooden window shutters are definitely the smarter option. They provide a clean finish and can help add resale value.

Shutter Design is one of the top experts in Yorkshire when it comes to supplying and fitting wooden window shutters. Visit their website today to view their range of interior and exterior shutters today, they are of extremely high quality and can also be made to fit.

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