Plantation Shutters –The Best Window Dressing For Your Conservatory

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters tend to be considered a more old fashioned window dressing due to the fact that they have been around for so many years. But with the popularity of conservatories, glass extensions and sun rooms on the rise, they are quickly making a comeback as a ‘must-have’ addition to many modern homes.

They are one of the only window coverings that can withstand both harsh winters and hot summers, which is also probably one of the reasons why they have been the obvious choice for homeowners for such a long time.


Not only do they make ideal conservatory shutters, but can also add value to any home by lending a sense of style and transforming it into the envy of all your neighbours, friends and family too.


Plantation shutters can help keep your room cooler when it’s hot outside as well as vice versa. They do this by offering an added layer of insulation to your windows when they’re closed or improving air ventilation when they are open.

In sunny conservatories especially, the sun can do more harm than good as it can potentially damage your furniture. Constant exposure to the UV rays can also be harmful to those using the room. Therefore, depending on what you plan to use your conservatory for, you may prefer to have full control over how much light you let in to it.


Conservatory Shutters

Security is another benefit of using these shutters as they have been known to put off potential thieves. Because of their durable nature they are not that easy to break through and can therefore offer an element of protection to your home.

In addition, the shutters are extremely easy to maintain, with any dirt or dust easily wiped off with a damp cloth. They also won’t sag or rot like some of the other window dressings. Their simple opening and adjustment features are extremely easy to use, and when combined with their clean, tasteful appearance, they are the perfect choice for conservatory shutters.

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