Plantation Shutters Through Time

People have been using some form of plantation shutters in their home for centuries, here we look at plantation shutters through time and although over the years the design and materials used to construct them may have changed, their benefits have still remained the same.

From letting in light and improving ventilation to privacy and security, shutters are both a practical and stylish choice for any home. They are also extremely durable and very low maintenance, and can lend to the simplicity and minimalistic look of a modern home, as well as add a vintage appeal to more period inspired ones.

Rumour has it that the first form of the shutters originated from Greece and consisted of fixed louvers and marble. Later once the shutters spread throughout the rest of the Mediterranean, they adopted wood in their construction together with moveable louvers.

Corfu Island Old Town, Greece.
Corfu Island Old Town, Greece.

Glass windows were eventually used during the Tudor and Elizabethan times, however because they were expensive many only used them for the upper half of their window openings and shutters for the bottom. After the 15th century many began using the shutters for decorative reasons solely than just as a functional choice.

Once the Spanish began colonising in America, the shutters made their way there too. This is also when the name ‘plantation shutters’ first came to be as many houses on sugar and cotton plantations used them. Their versions included a wider louver and were just about always painted white.

Spanish Colonisation of Mexico
Spanish Colonisation of Mexico

This traditional look was said to have originally been inspired by England when during the 18th century the thinner louvers were commonly used. This Victorian style is still a popular choice to use in homes to this day and is often combined with patterned mouldings on walls and other decorative elements such as exterior shutters, which were regular features during the Victorian era.

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