How to care for plantation shutters

Why Plantation Shutters are Better for Your Home Than Conventional Window Treatments

Choosing between shutters, blinds and curtains may be a matter of taste for many homeowners; however there are some functional differences between them that could affect a buyer’s choice.  Below is an outline of the benefits of plantation shutters and how they compare to conventional window treatments.

Plantation Shutters have seen a phenomenal increase in popularity as more and more people are choosing to fit this stylish alternative rather than other conventional window treatments such as blinds or curtains.  There are several very good reasons for this and when you are aware of them you will understand why they are now becoming so popular.  They are very stylish and will compliment both modern houses as well as older properties.

Plantation Shutters Vs Conventional Window Treatments - White Bathroom Shutters

The Main Benefits of Plantation Shutters in Comparison to Conventional Window Treatments

  • The installation of your internal window shutters will not be a big deal.  Because they will have been designed to your specific requirements, it will all be very simple.  Their actual installation is surprisingly quick and easy.  There will be a minimum amount of disruption caused to your home and very little mess; and when your shutters have been installed there will be no need for any further maintenance.
  • Cleaning blinds can be a fiddly and time consuming business.  With curtains it is necessary to take them down, wash them and then give them an iron (there is also the small matter of having to re-hang them all).  A wooden plantation shutter is so much easier to keep clean.  All you will need to do is give it an occasional wipe over with a cloth or a duster.  Shutters are so much better than blinds or curtains because they only require low maintenance.  We all like to have a home that is clean, but we do not want to be spending all of our time keeping it like that.
  • For keeping your home warm in the winter, wooden window shutters will beat blinds or curtains hands down every time.  They offer a far greater level of insulation to your property and they are also the best way of keeping your home cool in the summer months.
  • Thinking about how superior a window shutter is when compared to a blind (or curtains) you would expect to be paying a lot more.  In fact, shutters are not anywhere near as expensive as you would first think.  But, even if they do work out as costing more money, isn’t it worth paying a little bit extra to get all of the added benefits?

Why Choose Shutter Design

  • When you choose your window shutters they will be custom made for your home. Shutter Design have a special design team who work directly with you to produce perfect made to measure shutters. This means that if you have any special requirements it will not be a problem.  Not every house has a simple design of window and if you were going to be looking at blinds or curtains then this could soon make things more complicated. Want to learn more about specific frame designs? read our blog post today.
  • Shutter Design offer a variety of different styles of both internal shutters and external shutters.  Whatever colour scheme it is that you are after there is bound to be something that is suitable.  There are both traditional and contemporary designs and they are available in several different materials.  You will find a range that has all kinds of different colours, woods and finishes.

Shutter Design are highly experienced and skilled shutter specialists, who design, supply and fit unique, bespoke made to measure shutters to fit your own particular windows. Shutter Design installs your plantation shutters with the minimum of fuss, disruption or mess and guarantee a perfect job, as our growing list of delighted shutter customers will testify.

To discuss your shutter requirements call now on 01423 359230 or contact Chris directly on 07891 578142 to arrange a free, no obligation visit and consultation, where Shutter Design’s team will measure and provide free design and quotation of your new plantation shutters.

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