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External Window Shutters: Why the Italians Love Them

Italian Window Shutters

If you’ve ever had the privilege of visiting a traditional Italian city such as Florence or Venice, then you will have seen the stunning external window shutters which are a well-known trademark of their buildings. These traditional shutters are loved by many Italians, and they can be found on almost any shop or home.

Italian window shutters are almost always painted a dark brown, dark green or grey, as it is illegal in certain areas for them to be painted different colours to protect the area’s tradition. The majority of shutters are painted green, as in the past it was believed that painting shutters with arsenic, the green colourant for paint in the 18th century, would help to deter or kill insects. Although today this this is known to be a myth and the arsenic has no deterrent effects, this tradition of painting shutters green is still going strong.

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Plantation Shutters Through Time

People have been using some form of plantation shutters in their home for centuries, here we look at plantation shutters through time and although over the years the design and materials used to construct them may have changed, their benefits have still remained the same.

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What are the Benefits of External Window Shutters?

Your house and your family will experience a variety of benefits with the installation external window shutters. Exterior shutters not only offer aesthetic benefits they offer practical ones too. External window shutters usually come in two styles the protective and the decorative.

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How to Clean Louvered Shutters

Louvered shutters are ideal for adding beauty and character to buildings of all styles. However, the louvers do tend to pick up dust pretty quickly, leaving you with a window treatment that looks more shabby than chic. The good news is, with a little-and-often approach, cleaning louvered shutters doesn’t have to be too much of a chore. Here you’ll find out how to clean louvered shutters of all types – interior and exterior, wood and vinyl – ensuring that they retain their beauty for as long as possible. Continue reading How to Clean Louvered Shutters

Louvered Shutter Construction

How Louvered Shutters Are Made

The construction of louvre shutters is intricate work requiring a keen eye for detail and a range of complex woodworking skills. If you would like to know how these elaborate window coverings are made, this five-minute guide will give you an idea of processes that are involved in louvered shutter construction. Continue reading Louvered Shutter Construction