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Nosey Neighbours? Improve Home Privacy with Our Top Tips

Whether you’re preparing for a hectic day with the kids or just getting back from the office, your time at home is when you can relax and unwind. What you don’t want, however, is to be watched.

Many people up and down the country have neighbours who might know more about them than they’d like. In fact, a survey from the Daily Mail shows that one in three of us spy on our neighbours, and 50% of us can recite the times they get home from work. Perhaps even more staggeringly, it found that 17% have fallen out with their neighbours over home privacy issues.

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5 Ways to Improve Energy Efficiency in the Home

As concern about the effects of global warming grows, more people are starting to wonder about how they reduce their own carbon footprint. Whether this involves taking the bus or improving their home energy efficiency, every action counts in protecting the planet. We have put together five simple, cost effective ways to improve energy efficiency in the home to get you started.

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Plantation Shutters: The Alternative to Double Glazing

New studies from Edinburgh World Heritage and Glasgow Caledonian University have found that closing shutters in the evening could be as effective as fitting double glazing for period buildings. Suited to the traditional design of these structures, this game-changing research suggests that shutters could be used instead of fitting costly new windows. Plantation shutters would provide a cost effective alternative to double glazing, without damaging the existing appearance and charm of a period home.

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What is the Best Wood for Shutters?

Shutters are a fantastic investment for your home. Whether your taste is trendy or traditional, the timeless elegance of shutters adds to any room décor or house design.

Now that you’re convinced that investing in shutters is a much better choice than their blind and curtain counterparts (one that we would wholeheartedly agree with!) you need to decide what type of material is best suited to your requirements and home. To make this easier, we have come up with a list of the main factors which you should consider when choosing your design.

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External Window Shutters: Why the Italians Love Them

Italian Window Shutters

If you’ve ever had the privilege of visiting a traditional Italian city such as Florence or Venice, then you will have seen the stunning external window shutters which are a well-known trademark of their buildings. These traditional shutters are loved by many Italians, and they can be found on almost any shop or home.

Italian window shutters are almost always painted a dark brown, dark green or grey, as it is illegal in certain areas for them to be painted different colours to protect the area’s tradition. The majority of shutters are painted green, as in the past it was believed that painting shutters with arsenic, the green colourant for paint in the 18th century, would help to deter or kill insects. Although today this this is known to be a myth and the arsenic has no deterrent effects, this tradition of painting shutters green is still going strong.

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Keeping Your Plantation Shutters Clean

Why Plantation Shutters?

There are many reasons why Plantation Shutters are a fantastic addition to any home, including the wide variety of designs available, the level of control you have over how much light is let into the room and the stylish mix of contemporary and traditional styles.

However, Plantation Shutters can also offer some important practical benefits. Did you know that they’re incredibly easy to clean and they benefit many people who suffer from allergies?

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Plantation Shutter Security

How Secure Are Plantation Shutters?

Whether your neighbourhood is prone to break-ins, you live in a remote location or you’re concerned about leaving valuables on display, additional security measures may be required to give you the peace of mind you need. However, unsightly steel grilles, Beware of the Dog signs and CCTV cameras can make a building feel more Alcatraz than Happy Families. Plantation shutters may offer a more attractive solution, but do they actually make any difference in terms of security? Continue reading Plantation Shutter Security

Why Plantation Shutters are Better for Your Home Than Conventional Window Treatments

Choosing between shutters, blinds and curtains may be a matter of taste for many homeowners; however there are some functional differences between them that could affect a buyer’s choice.  Below is an outline of the benefits of plantation shutters and how they compare to conventional window treatments.

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Using Plantation Shutters To Reduce Noise Pollution

What Is Noise Pollution?

Noise pollution is a type of pollution, whereby noises that are distracting, irritating or even harmful and damaging are audible. Noise pollution isn’t the same as other types of pollution as there is no contaminant as such other than noises that interfere with regular noises and interferes with daily life. Causes of noise pollution can include heavy industry, vehicles (especially near busy roads) or entertainment noise.

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Plantation Shutters Through Time

People have been using some form of plantation shutters in their home for centuries, here we look at plantation shutters through time and although over the years the design and materials used to construct them may have changed, their benefits have still remained the same.

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