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Why You Should Invest In Bathroom Window Shutters

With so many unique factors to consider, finding the right window treatment for your bathroom can prove problematic. To help you on your way to making that all important decision, we have put together a blog post highlighting why window shutters are the bathroom window treatment of choice for many.

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The Benefits of Shutters over Blinds

If you are looking to invest in a new window treatment, but find yourself bewildered by all of the choices available, then look no further. This short buyer’s guide highlights the functional differences between shutters and blinds, helping you on your way to making that all important decision.

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How Bay Window Shutters can Transform your House

A flattering addition to modern and period homes alike, bay windows are a popular feature throughout the UK. Found in all shapes and sizes, bay windows pose lots of unique considerations, such as what is the best window treatment to use?  Practical, beautiful, flexible and made to measure bay window shutters are the perfect treatment choice.

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How Shutters can Help those Suffering from a Dust Mite Allergy

As well as being the most eco-friendly window covering, shutters are also allergy-friendly. One of shutters’ many advantages is their capability to help those suffering from dust mite-related allergies. Dust mite allergies are relatively common: according to the NHS, at least 12 million Britons are allergic to their own home due to the dreaded mite.  But how can you tell if you are susceptible to dust mites and how can investing in wooden window shutters help?

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Louvered or Raised Panel Shutters: Which is Best?

Louvered vs Raised Panel Shutters

The benefits of window and door shutters are well known, but when it comes to deciding which ones to choose for your home, the plot starts to thicken. Natural wood or synthetic? Full height, café style or tier on tier? Louvered or raised panel? Answers to the first two questions are provided here; if you would like to know specifically about choosing between louvered and solid panel shutters, read on. Continue reading Louvered or Raised Panel Shutters: Which is Best?

Install Solid Window Shutters in Your Bedroom for a Pleasant Sleep

Solid window shutters have become much sought after these days, particularly in the UK. This is most likely due to the fact that their stylish appearance can add an element of elegance to the inside and outside of any home.

Solid shutters were originally fitted to the interiors of large houses during the Victorian era, a style that is still extremely popular in this day and age. In fact, many people seek out houses from this area specifically with the view to restore them and their original features. More modern homes also often feature slight hints of traditional features; making solid window shutters a popular choice for both new builds and period properties alike.

Here are some of the key benefits to choosing solid shutters for windows for your home:

  • Solid shutters provide added security to the home and have also been known to put off potential intruders as they cannot see inside.
  •  The unique design allows for the ultimate control of light filtration and will even create almost complete darkness when closed making them ideal for bedroom use.
  • Solid shutters help to reduce noise pollution in the home and can help reduce the noise of passing traffic or noisy neighbours.
  • The authentic appearance of these shutters can add an element of tradition to a home making them the ideal choice for restoration projects.
  • Because the shutters are fitted in a similar way to louvre shutters they are often used for folding or concertina tracked partitions and make equally good, light folding doors.

The shutters are available in two options; solid raised and solid base/louvre top. The solid raised version consists of thick panels and stiles which are ideal for light filtration and ensuring a goodnight’s sleep. The solid base option however is more suitable for sliding partitions and French windows.

Bedroom Shutters

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