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Plantation Shutters –The Best Window Dressing For Your Conservatory

Plantation Shutters are commonly associated with older, more traditional-style homes, offering an elegance unrivalled by other types of window covering. However, with the increasing popularity of conservatories, glass extensions and sun rooms, they are fast-becoming a staple in modern homes due to the benefits they provide.

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Using Plantation Shutters To Reduce Noise Pollution

What Is Noise Pollution?

Noise pollution is a type of pollution, whereby noises that are distracting, irritating or even harmful and damaging are audible. Noise pollution isn’t the same as other types of pollution as there is no contaminant as such other than noises that interfere with regular noises and interferes with daily life. Causes of noise pollution can include heavy industry, vehicles (especially near busy roads) or entertainment noise.

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A Brief Guide to the Different Types of Shutter

If you need a new window covering, shutters are an excellent choice. Stylish, secure and easy to maintain, shutters offer better insulation than most other window treatments plus greater control over light, ventilation and noise. But with so many options out there, how can you be certain of choosing the best shutters for your home? This 5-minute buyer’s guide outlines the different types of shutter to help you make the right choice. Continue reading A Brief Guide to the Different Types of Shutter

How Plantation Shutters Can Complement the Interior of a Room

Plantation shutters are not only beautiful on the exterior of a home, but they are also great as interior window dressings. Interior shutters have a number of practical uses and, if chosen properly, can complement the décor of a room and become aesthetically pleasing features. Continue reading How Plantation Shutters Can Complement the Interior of a Room

The Stylish Appeal of Conservatory Shutters

In recent years, many have opted to renovate and improve their current homes instead of trying to sell and buy new ones. For this reason conservatories have become increasingly popular, as have conservatory shutters which will no doubt add an element of style to complete the look. Continue reading The Stylish Appeal of Conservatory Shutters

Benefits of Choosing Plantation Shutters for Your Conservatory

Conservatory Shutters

Choosing plantation shutters for your conservatory is not only a more stylish option, but will also help add a sense of security and control like no other type of window covering can. And although they are often considered to be the more traditional choice, they are quickly making a trendy comeback.

In fact, conservatory shutters have become one of the most popular choices of window dressings as a result of the wide range of benefits that they offer;

– Unlike other fabric based options such as curtains and blinds, shutters will not sag or fade.

– Shutters are quicker and easier to clean and will keep their appearance for a longer period of time with little maintenance.

-Shutters don’t harbour dust the same way that curtains do and are therefore a better option for those who suffer from any dust related allergies.

-Shutters can be made to fit all window shapes including the most awkward ones as they are specially made to fit.

-Shutters make a room look more spacious and tidy and can even be mounted on tracking to be tidily slid away when not in use.

– Shutters come in a wide selection of colours and styles to suit both your individual taste and interior decor.

– As well providing the perfect window covering, plantation shutters can be used to create a partitioning in your conservatory as well as a more modern version of internal multi-folding doors.

– Shutters offer the perfect combination of light, ventilation and privacy, giving you complete control over how open or closed you would like them to appear to the outside world.

– Good quality shutters can add value to a home by making it look more visually appealing to potential buyers.

– In the same way that shutters add an additional layer of glazing to your conservatory when it’s cold, they can keep it cool when it’s warm.

– Shutters are easy to operate and are also available in a contemporary electronic option which will allows you to control them via the use of a remote control.

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5 Reasons to Choose Conservatory Shutters for Your Home

Conservatory Shutters  were originally designed to help protect homes against the natural elements. Now however they are used to help enhance the overall look and feel of homes and our windows. If you are looking for the best window dressing solution for your conservatory, here are a few reasons why shutters are the best choice; Continue reading 5 Reasons to Choose Conservatory Shutters for Your Home