The 4 Main Functions of Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters will breathe new life into any room with the wide range of benefits that they offer. They’ve been the preferred choice of window covering for centuries and will add a stylish appearance to the inside and outside of any home.

Plantation Shutters

Here are the four main functions of plantation shutters:


Shutters are best known for their ability to turn a dark and dreary room into a light and airy, attractive space. They are therefore ideal to use in rooms such as conservatories where there are a lot of windows.


Just like the shutters let in the light, the can also let in the fresh outside air. Then, during winter months, the shutters will offer added insulation as most homes lose heat through poorly insulated windows. They will therefore help keep your home cool in summer and warm and cosy when it’s cold. Shutters can also help eliminate the problem of drafts.


Shutters can be slightly tilted to prevent passersby from seeing inside your home whilst still remaining open enough to let light in. In the evenings once its dark outside the shutters can be closed completely, allowing you to relax comfortably and with peace of mind that no one is watching.


Window shutters will provide your home with an extra level of security and have been known to have the ability to ward off potential thieves. This is because their appearance and construction make for yet another difficult and unappealing obstacle for them to have to pass – providing you with a safer and more secure home.

Plantation Shutters

Some of the other advantages associated with choosing shutters are that they are extremely easy to clean. All they need is a quick wipe with a damp cloth to look as good as new. They come in a colourful selection of designs, allowing you to choose a finish that suits your individual taste and compliments the other furnishings already in your home.

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