Will Plantation Shutters Make My Room Dark?

Plantation shutters, also known as colonial blinds, can be described as either folding window shutters or fixed wooden louvered shutters, providing the ability to filter the light that comes into your room.

Often, people question whether interior plantation shutters will make their room dark. The answer to this is that shutters offer maximum flexibility to the way in which you use them and can create a black-out effect for sleeping and a bright, light room when you are not. Colonial blinds and shutters come in a wide range of colours and finishes, enabling you to choose the style that suits your room and requirements and gives the desired effect you are looking for. Here are a few examples of how interior shutters can be used in your home:

Creating a Black-Out EffectLouvered Shutters

A major benefit of wooden interior shutters is that they can create a black-out effect if that is what you desire. If you like darkness for sleeping, whether in your bedroom or a child’s bedroom – when fully closed, these shutters can create the privacy and darkness you desire when you hit the hay. This is why shutters and colonial blinds are a great choice for those who need to sleep in the day.

Unlike curtains, interior shutters are fitted to your windows, whatever shape they are. This means that there are no unfilled gaps that could allow light to permeate through when the shutters are closed.

Opening Your Shutters for Maximum Light

On those days where you would like your windows open to let the fresh air in and be able to freely gaze out the window, your folding window plantation shutters can be opened completely to let the light flood your room. The flexibility continues with this option as you have the option to just open one side of your interior shutters and keep one closed to keep part of your room shaded.

Using the Louvered Functions for Light Filtration and Control

Whether you have the folding door or the fixed plantation shutters, louvered shutters allow you to open the louvers as much as you wish, filtering light and providing Window Plantation Shuttersyou with optimum control over the amount of light coming in to your room. As you can move the louvers either up or down, you can move the louvers to filter light so that it doesn’t heat up your room or cause light damage to your furniture as it would if you had the sun blazing into your room with the shutters or curtains open.

Often, if people are worried about plantation shutters making your room dark, we would suggest that you go for a light-coloured wood or even white painted shutters. These will make your room appear bigger and brighter, allowing light to bounce off the light colours and reflect this pale light into the rest of your room. Particularly as these shutters are made-to-measure to fit your windows perfectly, they have the ability to blend into the window frame so that they are not too imposing on your room.

Ultimately, your fitted window plantation shutters can make your room dark and private when you need it, but offer ultimate control of light that you wish to let into your room. Plantation shutters allow you to create either a gentle, warm glow that is aesthetically adorable, or a bright and sunny room that is open and cheerful.

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