Electric Window Shutters

Motorised Shutters

No More Stretching!

The days of balancing on chairs and tip-toeing to those hard to reach openings are gone, sit back and relax all day long and as the light changes simply open and close your elctric widnow shutters using your handy remote control. Not only beneficial to conservatory owners, they can also be incorporated into special shaped shutters, such as triangular apex windows.

Light Fantastic

These electric window shutters offer 8 tilt positions allowing the perfect amount of light into your room. Each motorised shutter panel can be controlled individually, as part of a group or for total natural daylight, the whole installation can be moved together, making quite an impressive display!


Motorised Shutters are virtually silent and smooth operation so no one will be disturbed whatever time day or night. Perfect Tilt works as a single louvre driven by a 9 volt battery powered motor via a light receptor on the front side of the panel, the other louvres are driven by the tilt rod. Each motor operates up to a maximum louvre height of 1800mm.

Motorised Shutters are ideal for anyone who wants to have a stylish window covering in their home, as well as to have an element of luxury and control by having the benefit of remote control.


Tilt shutters
Tilting Shutters
Motorised Tilting Shutters

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