Shutter Installation

The safest way to fit shutters is to let us fit them, however you can fit them yourself with reasonable DIY skills, assuming you have understood all the design and shutter installation options and then measured correctly.

There are many ways to fit shutters and there is no one way that is better than another. You may fit them inside the reveal, the most common way, or on the edge of the reveal or outside the reveal, all the permissible methods. The room will generally dictate the fitting location. Frames are used extensively for fitting but may not be suitable for severely out of square openings, (most openings in older houses are not perfectly square). Shutters are made square unless specially shaped and will not hide a subsided bay window or tilted window sill entirely.

Our hinges are made especially for our shutters and our screws are made specifically for our hinges with matching screw heads. Either match or contrast hinges to shutters, sometimes odd combinations work very well, bisque hinges with silk white panels for instance. For wet environments it is recommended that our marine grade stainless steel hinges are used.

fitting applications for shutters

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