Why Plantation Shutters?

There are many reasons why Plantation Shutters are a fantastic addition to any home, including the wide variety of designs available, the level of control you have over how much light is let into the room and the stylish mix of contemporary and traditional styles.

However, Plantation Shutters can also offer some important practical benefits. Did you know that they’re incredibly easy to clean and they benefit many people who suffer from allergies?


Cleaning Plantation Shutters is much quicker process than cleaning curtains or fabric blinds, and investing in them will help to save you a considerable amount of time and effort. There is no need to remove Shutters from windows to clean them, and you don’t have to waste time putting them in the washing machine, drying and reattaching    them. All you have to do is follow the quick and easy steps below.

How to Clean Plantation Shutters:

Cleaning Plantation Shutters is very simple, but the process can vary depending on a few key factors, such as whether you have exterior or interior shutters and what finish has been applied.

Cleaning Shutters (Interior)

  • Use an extension of your vacuum cleaner to carefully remove excess dust and grime
  • Wipe the vacuumed surface using a clean dusting cloth.
  • The process then depends on the finish of your shutters. If you have a bare wood finish then we would recommend using some polish to treat them and give your shutters a natural shine.
  • If you have painted plantation shutters then we would suggest using some warm water and a mild household cleaning product. Washing up liquid or a non-bio detergent can work well, however bleach and other harsh chemicals might damage the paint.

Cleaning Shutters (Exterior)

  • Cleaning exterior shutters again depends on the finish.
  • Generally, we recommend using a hose to clean exterior shutters, followed by some warm soapy water and a cloth, soft brush or sponge. Pressure washers can be used instead of a hose, however you should make sure that you don’t use too much force or you could risk damaging the finish.
  • It is important to ensure that the cleaning chemicals used won’t discolour the shutters. You should consider doing a patch test prior to cleaning to ensure that this won’t happen. It could save a paint job in the long run!


Most curtains and blinds are manufactured from cloth and other fibres, making them the perfect breeding ground for dust mites. This is because the fabric collects flakes of human skin over time, which are the mites’ favourite food.

Dust mites can affect conditions such as asthma, eczema and rhinitis. Plantation shutters can help to reduce this problem as there isn’t anywhere for the dust mites to breed on the wipe-clean surface. Read our post on How Shutters can Help Those Suffering from a Dust Mite Allergy for more information.

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