New studies from Edinburgh World Heritage and Glasgow Caledonian University have found that closing shutters in the evening could be as effective as fitting double glazing for period buildings. Suited to the traditional design of these structures, this game-changing research suggests that shutters could be used instead of fitting costly new windows. Plantation shutters would provide a cost effective alternative to double glazing, without damaging the existing appearance and charm of a period home.

Chris Kevane from Shutter Design has long believed in the insulation properties of plantation shutters. Over the years, Chris has accumulated a great deal of anecdotal evidence to back his suspicions, which have now been confirmed by this new research from the example of shutters as an alternative to double glazingUniversity of Edinburgh and Edinburgh World Heritage.

According to Scottish House Condition Survey, single glazing and poor window insulation is responsible for as much as 20% of heat loss within the home. This is why many people consider double glazing to be an essential upgrade to their house. Despite its high price tag, double glazing has been specifically designed to keep homes warm and reduce the costs of expensive energy bills. In fact, research from Dr Paul Baker from the Centre for Research on Indoor Climate and Health states that a home with “7 timber single-glazed sash windows can lose £211 a year” without accounting for other heat loss locations. This indicates a significant amount of energy wasted, affecting both the environment and our wallets.

So why are shutters any better? The majority of plantation shutters are made from wood, which is a fantastic insulator as it contains air pockets within its cellular structure which trap heat. Shutters aren’t expensive to install, and when properly treated they can last many years. Out of the types of wooden shutters tested, red cedar shutters proved to be the most efficient out of popular window coverings, closely followed by basswood shutters.

Red cedar achieved a temperature difference of 16.1% to curtains, where basswood achieved an impressive 11.7%. This shows their effectiveness compared to other types of window insulation solutions.

In beautiful period properties, typical types of double glazing are often inappropriate. Homes in locations such as York, Bath or Edinburgh might not suit their appearance. By installing classical, stylish, period wooden window shutters, the beauty and character of the windows and overall property are retained, if not enhanced. In addition to this, energy and money is saved and the environment and the home owners budget all benefit as a result.

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