Wooden window shutters are improving the appearance of homes throughout the UK. Featuring stylish, versatile and durable designs with custom fitted solutions, wooden shutters are guaranteed to complement the décor of your home.

As mentioned in our blog post on the many benefits of window shutters, there are several reasons why you should install wooden shutters in your home. Key aspects include the improved privacy and security they provide over other window coverings in addition to their superior insulation and appearance. However, one aspect less regularly mentioned is their ability to fit to the shape of your window.

Custom Wooden Shutters

Otherwise known as plantation shutters, our custom wood shutters feature a stunning, distinctive style. They feature several broad slats of wood which are then mounted inside a solid frame.  Their clear, distinctive look can easily complement a traditional and modern house design, and the custom solutions offered by Shutter Design mean that your perfect shutter can be fitted for almost any window. Custom styles can also come in a wide variation of wood materials and stains to match personal preference and room décor.

The range of plantation wood window shutters shapes include:

– Arch

– Multi panel angled

– Half round

– Elongated

– Eyebrow

– Quarter round

– Circle

– Triangle

– Hexagon

– Octagon

– Sunburst top with divider strip, T Post or top frame.

Factors to consider for your Custom Window Shutters

Choice of Material

With the knowledge and expertise of an experienced shutter design and installation company, the versatility of wooden window shutters means they can be added to even the most elaborate window shapes. There is a variety of wood and treatment options available to suit each requirement (such as exterior/interior/bathroom), and the correct wood type should be picked based on this.


Solid wooden window shutters specifically are well known for their durability. They’re ideal for both indoor and exterior use as they are naturally built to withstand exposure to the harsh elements of nature. And although this kind of quality can come at a price, the results are long lasting and worth the extra cost. Solid wooden shutters are also easy on the eye and can give any home an exclusive, rustic feel.


Custom wooden shutters come in a wide variation of styles and colours to match personal preference and room décor. However, it is essential that this doesn’t take precedence over the durability and performance of the design.

Your room

Before making any final decisions on the design for your new wood window shutters, be sure to take in the shape of your room and have a good understanding of the look you would like to accomplish. Then, once you have a colour and frame in mind, you’re good to go.

Want to learn more?

Contact Shutter Design today. Based in Yorkshire, Shutter Design is a family owned business. Over the years, we have built ourselves an excellent reputation in providing high quality wooden shutters for windows. Our range of shutters is available in a wide variety of shapes, styles and colours and can also be made to fit. Shutter Design offer both interior and exterior shutter solutions as well as a selection of conservatory blinds and radiator covers. For more information, please visit our website or phone our team for a fast and friendly response.