Italian Window Shutters

If you’ve ever had the privilege of visiting a traditional Italian city such as Florence or Venice, then you will have seen the stunning external window shutters which are a well-known trademark of their buildings. These traditional shutters are loved by many Italians, and they can be found on almost any shop or home.

Italian window shutters are almost always painted a dark brown, dark green or grey, as it is illegal in certain areas for them to be painted different colours to protect the area’s tradition. The majority of shutters are painted green, as in the past it was believed that painting shutters with arsenic, the green colourant for paint in the 18th century, would help to deter or kill insects. Although today this this is known to be a myth and the arsenic has no deterrent effects, this tradition of painting shutters green is still going strong.

Shutters for Air Conditioning

Italian shutters are not just popular
because of their aesthetic appeal. In fact, shutters are actually one of the earliest forms of air conditioning- a particularly important task in countries as hot as Italy. It is thought that shutters originated from Ancient Greece, where they were incredibly popular due to their ability to control light, reduce heat and provide ventilation in such a tropical environment. Alternatively, shutters can often be used to trap warmth inside a room when they are closed. The majority of shutters are made from wood which is a natural insulator, and this can make them an effective method of temperature control. Learn more about how shutters can keep your home warm here.

Whilst their design, security features and their ability to prevent heat loss can make both internal and external shutters a popular choice of window covering in cooler countries such as England, shutters in Italy are an absolute essential. The shutters are opened in the morning whilst it’s still cool, and then shut before the temperature peaks to trap the air. This
ancient tradition can provide much- needed relief to inhabitants by providing the ventilation necessary for the day and shade from the hot sun.Italian Window Shutters

Save Money by Investing in External Shutters

Shutters might fit in with the traditional feel of an Italian city, but this isn’t the main reason why many Italian’s choose to have them in their homes. Shutters are one of the main ways that people in hotter climates can reduce their energy bills, as significant savings can be achieved on air conditioning and heating. This can make them a fantastic long term investment, as well as an excellent option for people who are wanting to reduce their carbon footprint.

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