Versatile, cost-effective and energy efficient. These are all practical advantages of the interior plantation shutter, and when paired with the elegant style which they offer, why not include them in your bedroom? Regardless of room shape, design and taste, bedroom shutters offer great privacy and light control whilst being a significant design feature in their own right.

Which Bedroom Window Shutter is best for me?

Shutters last a long time, and are a considerable investment. This highlights the importance of making the right decision first time, as cared for shutters will last you many years. With so many colour and shade options available, it can be hard to decide which shutter colour is best for your space.

bedroom shutters

A black or dark brown shutter can be used in bedrooms which feature natural wood and earthy tones. This colour will add an extra element to the room, drawing your attention and becoming a focal point for the space. Consider adding cream or off-white accessories which will make the room pop more.

Rooms and windows which receive large levels of light can be great during the day, however you might be less impressed during your Sunday lie in. For large windows such as this one, we would strongly recommend installing a shutter for added security and light control.

We would also recommend a lighter wood colour or a white coating due to the size of the window, as this can give the illusion of a bigger, more spacious room. If your room features darker furniture such as this one, we would recommend either a pale wood shutter or a shutter with a light, neutral colour such as the bisque and pearl colours in our Seattle range.

plantation shutters bedroom

For the more relaxed bedroom with pastel tones, a simple white shutter can complement, maintaining the softness to achieve an airy, spa-like feel.

Darker and busier areas, such as the rug in this room, benefit from the contrast of this pure white, lifting the space and tying the room together without taking attention away from your areas of pattern.

Want to Learn More?

If you would like personalised advice on which of our interior shutter options would best suit your bedroom, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our friendly team. Shutter Design offers a variety of ranges and colours, and we can even apply custom paint shades. Phone us today on 01423 359230 or 01423 359230 to book an appointment.