Whether you’re preparing for a hectic day with the kids or just getting back from the office, your time at home is when you can relax and unwind. What you don’t want, however, is to be watched.

Many people up and down the country have neighbours who might know more about them than they’d like. In fact, a survey from the Daily Mail shows that one in three of us spy on our neighbours, and 50% of us can recite the times they get home from work. Perhaps even more staggeringly, it found that 17% have fallen out with their neighbours over home privacy issues.

Get Gardening

Gardening isn’t for everyone, however planting trees and bushes is a great way to obscure the views of prying eyes. In fact, gardening can even be a great stress-buster, so you might even enjoy it! Get yourself into the slightly damp English weather to improve your home privacy and create a space that you can be proud of.

garden to improve home privacy


Apartments and semi-detached houses can come with thin walls, meaning that you’ll be able to hear your neighbours whether you want to or not.

Investing in some soundproofing solutions is a great way to improve home privacy and keep conversations to yourselves. Even better, it will reduce how much you hear from your fellow inhabitants. However, these do come at considerable cost and so you should really weigh up whether or not they are a worthwhile investment.

soundproofing to improve privacy in the home

Invest in Some Privacy Shutters

Whether you choose to place them internally or externally, privacy shutters are a great way to prevent neighbours from being able to peer into your home. They require much less maintenance than plant, which need regular pruning to keep them looking presentable.

Shutters can also provide a cheaper solution to fences. Fences can make your home feel too cut off from those nearby and they also take a considerable amount of time to construct. Shutters, however are very economical. When closed, they can save you money on your heating bills by providing an extra level of insulation. They can also be personalised to the design of your home, with a range of bespoke shapes and colours available.

privacy shutters

Interact with them

People often pry into their neighbours’ lives when they don’t have very much going on in their own. If you’re contending with more than the odd glance in your direction, then your issue will be more to do with the person than having an exposed home.

Your reaction to this should depend completely on the nature of the person. The likelihood is that they’re just curious about you, and this is something which could be resolved as easily as a couple of quick chats. If they continue to pry, a polite conversation might be the only way forward.

However, if you ever feel threatened by your neighbour’s actions, then installing some home security features isn’t going to make you feel safe. In this case, you should seek legal aid. This might just be a precautionary measure; however, it is an essential part of keeping you safe and happy in your home.

nosey neighbours home privacy shutters

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