Solid Window Shutters

Used extensively in the UK over the past couple of centuries, solid shutters provide superior control over light filtration.

Solid shutters are installed in a similar manner to louvre shutters and are frequently utilized for folding or concertina tracked partitions. They serve as excellent, high-quality folding doors, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Shaker with Insert


Solid Raised

Solid Raised 12mm thick centre panels with 28.6mm x 40mm stiles. Now with rebated top and bottom rail options for tier on tier for even less light infiltration.

Solid Base/Louvre Top

With top louvres resembling solid raised shutters, this style is highly suitable for sliding partitions and French windows featuring solid bases.

Conservatory Shutters

It is essential to select shutters that seamlessly blend with the overall aesthetic of your home and the specific room where they will be installed. In the case of conservatories, choosing the right shutters can provide a stylish finishing touch and potentially increase the value of your home.

Conservatory shutters not only exude a clean and modern look, but they also offer unparalleled flexibility compared to other window shading options. They have the ability to create an open and spacious ambiance while enhancing the seamless flow between your home and the conservatory, whether it connects to other rooms or opens up to the garden.

Unlike fabric-based shading systems, plantation shutters are easy to clean and maintain. They resist rotting, sagging, and aging over time, remaining in pristine condition with a simple dusting or wipe-down. This ensures that your conservatory remains a perfect space all year round, whether you use it for dining, entertaining, or relaxation.

Our range of Conservatory Shutters encompasses various designs to suit a wide range of window shapes. However, practicality is also crucial, as the shutters should help keep your conservatory cool during the summer by blocking out excessive sunlight and maintaining warmth during the winter by providing insulation.

Considering that conservatories typically feature extensive window areas, Conservatory Shutters are a popular choice for enhancing security and privacy. They can be positioned on the sides of conservatories or mounted on tracks for longer sections, allowing them to be easily slid away when not in use. Alternatively, they can be utilized for partitioning or function as multi-fold internal doors, in which case they will be suspended on a top track. Solid base and louvre top shutters are particularly well-suited for these types of applications.

Our Plantation Conservatory shutters boast simple yet unique designs that perfectly complement both traditional and contemporary interiors of homes and conservatories. Explore our range of premium quality custom-made shutters, available in a variety of materials, styles, and colors to suit your home and furnishings.

At Shutter Design, we are experts in supplying, installing, and fitting top-quality shutters. Contact us today to discuss all your window and Conservatory Shutter requirements.

Fitting Plantation Shutters

The safest approach to fitting shutters is to have us handle the installation. However, if you possess reasonable DIY skills and have a thorough understanding of the design and fitting options, as well as accurate measurements, you can choose to fit them yourself.

There are multiple methods for fitting shutters, and no single method is superior to others. You can opt to fit them inside the reveal, which is the most common approach, or on the edge or outside of the reveal, depending on what is permissible. The fitting location is generally determined by the characteristics of the room. Frames are extensively utilized for fitting, although they may not be suitable for openings that are severely out of square (as is often the case with older houses). Keep in mind that shutters are typically constructed to be square, unless specifically shaped, and they may not entirely conceal a subsided bay window or a tilted window sill.

Our hinges are custom-made for our shutters, and our screws are specifically designed to match the hinges, ensuring a seamless fit. You have the option to either match or contrast the hinges with the shutters, and sometimes unconventional combinations can create a visually appealing result. For environments prone to moisture, we recommend using our marine-grade stainless steel hinges for enhanced durability.